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Who are We?

We Are Citizens of Shasta County

Just like you, we are citizens of Shasta County. We are moms and dads, grandparents, workers, retirees, students – everyday people who are invested in the success of our community.  

We come from a diversity of backgrounds, opinions, political affiliations, cultures, and interests. 

The common purpose that unites us all is that our elected officials follow the law, behave ethically and with common sense, and act responsibly as the stewards of OUR taxpayer dollars.

Our Concerns

In only his first 4 months in office, Supervisor Kevin Crye has:

Gambled with OUR VOTE


  • Created uncertainty, confusion, and risk by terminating our local constitutional and legal voting process with no plan for how to replace it.

  • Ignored the advice of the Registrar of Voters and the California Secretary of State, and instead chose to rely on the disproven opinions of election deniers.

  • Sought input from discredited election denier and voting conspiracist Mike Lindell (“My Pillow Guy”) to help fund an unneeded replacement of our voting system.



  • Committed YOU, the Shasta County taxpayer, to needlessly spending an estimated $1.65 million for each future statewide election.

  • Placed Shasta County at risk of multiple lawsuits at taxpayer expense.

  • Committed county resources to an uncertain, costly, and less accurate hand count-based voting system.

  • Considered, actively promoted, offered, AND THEN rescinded the CEO position to a divisive and extremist candidate (Chriss Street), who, in a previous leadership role, was held liable for $7 million for financial mismanagement.

  • Squandered county funds to fly for a meeting that could have easily happened over the phone or on-line.

Destabilized OUR HOME

  • Campaigned on wanting to “unite” our county, but voted to hire Chriss Street for Shasta CEO, the man who was second-in-charge of “New California State” (an organization dedicated to splitting California).

  • Increased the likelihood of cuts to needed county programs by funding a new, unnecessary voting system.

  • Chose not to push to replace our county’s Chief Health Officer.

  • Brought nationwide ridicule and embarrassment to our county through his actions and voting.



We must STOP Kevin Crye from creating more chaos with

Our Vote. Our Money. Our Home.

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