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June 15th Newsletter Details

The Ground Team thanks you for another successful week of filling up those petitions. Thanks to you, we have 1,957 confirmed signatures. We’re closing in on the halfway mark!

The sooner we can get this petition drive done, the sooner we can move on to the next phase of this effort. So, keep those signatures coming.

This week we’re developing a phone system to call folks in District 1. We’ll send canvassers to specific houses to collect signatures of those who’ve already said “yes” to the petition over the phone.

Be on the lookout for more info or direct contacts to build these phone teams.

If you’d like to be a “caller” or a “dispatcher” (one who takes the info from callers and sends addresses to canvassers for signature pick-up), please let Susanne know. She’ll get you started on the basics.

The Fundraising Committee hopes that you’ve seen our campaign’s latest “News Flash” which directly addresses the fact that we’re a local grassroots organization that is NOT receiving funds from wealthy out of towners like Mark Zuckerberg as the Crye crew claims.

Why is it that Crye would promote a BIG LIE like that? Could it be he’s trying to deflect attention away from HIS wealthy out of town donors? I think we all know the answer.

Thank you so much for the ways you’ve donated your time, energy, and funds to this Recall effort. To learn more about the Recall Fundraising Team and how you can help, please reach out to us at

The Communications Committee has added a new feature to our website. Visit and click on “Media”. It’s an entire page devoted to “Crye’s Lies”. And trust me, that section gets bigger every day. Take a look.

Just to clear something up…

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye does NOT want Governor Newsom involved. We prefer to hold a free and fair election by District 1 voters in March 2024.

If all goes as planned, District 1 voters will be able to vote for a new supervisor without any involvement by the governor.

Our goal is to have the Recall on the ballot in the next election, slated for November 7th.

If we're successful with the Recall, there should be a chance for us to get the election for a new supervisor on the ballot for March 5, 2024, a regular election day.

It’s entirely possible to reach these goals with your help. Below is a list of signature events for the next week:

Raley's -- Lake Blvd.

  • Mon-Fri 4-7p

  • Sat & Sun 9a-3p

Redding Library

  • Mon-Fri 10a-2p

  • Sat 6/17 10a-2p

  • Closed Mon 6/19

Sundial Bridge -- kiosk at the bridge

  • Fri 4-8p

  • Sat & Sun 8:30-10:30a

Corner of Quartz Hill & Benton -- parking lot next to Lake Redding Park

  • Mon-Fri 3:30-6p


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