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June 1st Newsletter Details

Your Ground Team is full steam ahead canvassing neighborhoods and volunteering in pop-ups and other events.

I could not be prouder of everyone I see stepping up, and many times stepping all the way outside respective comfort zones. This isn't an easy task, but our successful outcomes will be worth it.

Failure is not an option if we want stable governance in Shasta County.

In some great news, we now have a volunteer sign up app to make volunteering easier and more efficient. Watch for more opportunities to help obtain signatures.

Thank you everyone for your support and hard work!

Your Communications Committee began the implementation of a full-scale media plan including finalizing and placing ads on local TV stations in addition to our continued radio ads on Q97 this week.

Members of the Executive Team were booked and interviewed on local radio (KCNR) on Wednesday, May 31.

We’re continuing to manage the website and push out messages through the site as well as social media.

We’re continually refining our messaging to ensure a consistent approach across all media. The Committee also continues to work with the Funding Committee and the Ground Team to support their efforts.

Your Fundraising Committee is busy soliciting donations to support the Recall media campaign. You’ve probably noticed if you listen to local radio or watch local TV.

Our amazing canvassers and table volunteers are having some real success, partly due to those ads. They’re really getting people’s attention.

Let’s help them out by keeping those ads on the air! And of course, the only way to do that is through donations.

Please encourage your friends and family to use our handy donor envelopes or donate through the website. Every little bit helps.

And if you’re serious about wanting to host a home fundraiser, please come to the Wednesday community meeting at the Axiom Repertory Theatre to learn more. We’ll do everything we can to support you.

Just to clear something up…

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye does NOT want Governor Newsom involved. We prefer to hold a free and fair election by District 1 voters in March 2024.

If all goes as planned, District 1 voters will be able to vote for a new supervisor without any involvement by the governor.

Our goal is to have the Recall on the ballot in the next election, slated for November 7th.

If we're successful with the Recall, there should be a chance for us to get the election for a new supervisor on the ballot for March 5, 2024, a regular election day.

It’s entirely possible to reach these goals with your help. Below is a list of signature events for the next week:

Saturday, June 3: 7:30a-noon

  • Redding Farmer's Market -- Redding City Hall

  • Volunteers will be walking around with clipboards. Look for Recall Kevin Crye t-shirts

Saturday, June 3: 10a-4p

  • Redding Pride Festival -- Redding City Hall

Every Saturday and Sunday: 9a-3p

  • Raley's Shopping Center -- Lake Blvd.

  • Walmart in Redding

  • Drive-thru -- California St. and Eureka Way.

Weekdays. 10a-2p

  • Redding Library

Weeknights, 4-7p

  • Raley's -- Lake Blvd.

  • Grocery Outlet -- Sunset Marketplace

  • Trader Joe's

Mon-Sat, 7-10a AND 4-7p

  • Starbucks -- Churn Creek and Bonneyview

  • We'll be inside the store.

Only you can help restore stable governance to Shasta County. Tell everyone you know.


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