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June 21st Newsletter Details

The Fundraising Committee wants you to know that hosting a Home Fundraiser is fun. We encourage you ask a friend to co-host with you for two main reasons:

(1) It’s a great way to remind the folks in your circle that this is a critically important issue for them and our county, and

(2) It will provide us with the much-needed donations that keep our organization, and particularly our media efforts, moving forward.

Please consider co-hosting a Recall gathering with your like-minded friends, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances.

If you’d like our help, support, or ideas please attend the weekly community meeting and talk to someone on the Fundraising Committee.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Thanks!

From the Ground Team: we’re on the downhill side of the petition drive. With over 55% of the needed signatures, we're on our way to getting the recall on the ballot!

But our work is obviously not done.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been striving to reach your "10 per day" goal for signatures.

The sooner we complete this part of the process, the better. And the sooner we can take a quick break and enjoy summer.

If you have ideas about where or how to gather signatures, please share them with us. And even better, just go out and DO IT if you can.

Based on our polling, we know a majority of District 1 supports of our efforts, so let's get those remaining signatures on our petitions.

Just to clear something up…

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye does NOT want Governor Newsom involved. We prefer to hold a free and fair election by District 1 voters in March 2024.

If all goes as planned, District 1 voters will be able to vote for a new supervisor without any involvement by the governor.

Our goal is to have the Recall on the ballot in the next election, slated for November 7th.

If we're successful with the Recall, there should be a chance for us to get the election for a new supervisor on the ballot for March 5, 2024, a regular election day.

It’s entirely possible to reach these goals with your help. Below is a list of signature events for the next week:

Raley's -- Lake Blvd.

  • Mon-Fri 4-7p

  • Sat & Sun 9a-3p

Redding Library

  • Mon-Fri 10a-2p

Drive-Thru -- California St. & Eureka Way

  • Sat 6/24 9a-1p

Grocery Outlet -- Sunset Marketplace

  • Thurs 6/22 & Fri 6/23 4-7p

  • Sat 6/24 9a-1p

  • Sun 6/25 11a-3p


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