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June 29th Newsletter Details

There’s so much more to this Recall than Crye’s vote to remove Dominion voting machines without having a solid replacement in place.

Find out what’s really going on by checking out Click on “Updates”. Read about outside money buying Shasta County politicians, including Kevin Crye.

Our new Recall Related Media section is chock full of 30 eye-opening news articles all about what’s happening in Shasta County, featured in periodicals world-wide.

As of this writing, we have a total of 2,788 confirmed signatures. From here on out we’ll have to find signatures from people who have yet to learn about the degree of dishonesty Kevin Crye has displayed in his role as District 1 Supervisor:

· Dishonesty

· Lack of Leadership

· Incompetence.

During this week’s community meeting, we discussed new signing locations. We could sure use your help for a few hours every day or two.

If you’d like to be a site coordinator, collect signatures, or both, contact Susanne or Cheryl.

The big push this week for the Fundraising Committee is all about donor envelopes. More and more people want to sign the petition but can’t because they’re not in District 1.

These folks clearly want to help our cause, so please make sure to offer them a donor envelope as another type of support. If you run out, just send us an email and we’ll give you more.

By the way, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them if they have any friends or family members who might like to donate. Give them an extra envelope or two for that purpose.

Please don’t be shy about this, as we need to keep the dollars flowing to cover our on-going media costs.

If you’d like our help with hosting your own home fundraiser OR if you have any fun, fresh, fundraising ideas, please attend the next community meeting. Weds from 5:30-7p at the Axiom Repertory Theatre.

As always, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Thanks in advance for all you do.

Just to clear something up…

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye does NOT want Governor Newsom involved. We prefer to hold a free and fair election by District 1 voters in March 2024.

If all goes as planned, District 1 voters will be able to vote for a new supervisor without any involvement by the governor.

Our goal is to have the Recall on the ballot in the next election, slated for November 7th.

If we're successful with the Recall, there should be a chance for us to get the election for a new supervisor on the ballot for March 5, 2024, a regular election day.

It’s entirely possible to reach these goals with your help. Below is a list of signature events for the next week:

  • Raley’s—Lake Blvd.

o Mon-Fri 4-7p

o Sat & Sun 9a-noon

  • More exciting locations coming


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