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Newsletter - February 20, 2024






 WE ARE SO CLOSE - Charlie

As we are just 13 days away from the election on March 5th, let us all remember that we have dedicated almost a year of our lives to recall Kevin Crye. From his first vote to eliminate Dominion voting machines, we have all seen the chaos and waste Crye has brought to our county. His vote by vote dismantling of our Shasta County government endangers the well being and lives of our citizens who depend on Shasta County government for the services they need.

We are so very close to achieving our goal of taking Crye off our Board of Supervisors. Please look for every opportunity to spread the message and look for yard and commercial sign locations. Let's all keep on keeping on until March 5th!


The Bulldogs have essentially completed a run through all 33 precincts in District 1.  There are a few small outposts of civilization left to reach but all ground will have been covered by the end of the week.  Then we face the decision of whether to make a second effort at reaching those of our targeted group that we didn't have contact with the first go-around and, if so, how.  Stay tuned for further information in that regard and please let Jeff know if you have any thoughts about that.

Mike's mini-rallies have continued to be held three times per week and they are always well-attended and well-received.  At the rally last Friday, 43 people showed up and the positive responses overwhelmingly outweighed the negative ones.  Please check in regularly with Sign-Up Genius to see what Mike has planned for the upcoming week and sign up for any of the rallies that fit within your schedule.

Dave's texting group has just about completed over 5,000 texts.  That's been another critical way in which we've increased the visibility of the GOTV campaign.  Hopefully many of the recipients have been persuaded to visit our website and do some further research.

 VOLUNTEERS - Cathy and Donna

The Force of the volunteers of the Recall of Kevin Crye committee.......

Not enough can be said of the gigantic group of volunteers that are bringing this recall to a successful conclusion!  AND, each day.....did we say EACH day our numbers grow, thanks to the shameful conduct and behavior of Kevin Crye.  The election is 2 weeks away, but we will stay bonded forever by this commonality of desire to have our county restored to a place that is safe and secure through responsible government leadership.  If you want to join this amazing group of Shasta County citizens, it is not too late.  Reach out to our website, or email us at and we will welcome your involvement.   


As we enter the final stretch of the recall election, your contribution is crucial now more than ever. By participating in this democratic process, you have the power to shape the future of our community and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. Every vote counts and your donation can make a significant difference in the outcome. Let's come together to uphold the values we believe in and work towards reclaiming Shasta County. Thank you for your dedication to our shared future.

MEDIA - Dana 

Media for the recall effort is being updated for the final stretch. A mailer arrived at the same time as the mail-in ballots in District 1 and we are contacting voters personally up until election day.

You will see more ads that focus on why we are recalling Kevin Crye and you will see more posts on Facebook and our website from individuals writing their opinions. You will also see large bold ads in the digital version of the Record Searchlight coming up in about a week to close us out on March 5th.

We continue to receive great feedback on the Newsom ads and as we contact people at their homes they seem far better informed. All this educational work on the part of dozens and dozens of you is paying off.  

We can do this!

Don't Forget

WEAR YOUR SHIRTS: Please wear your recall shirts as often as you can when you are out and about in the community. Those who do wear their shirts receive comments, concerns, and questions about the recall. It is another great opportunity to get our message out to the public.

YARD /SIGNS: Need a yard sign, know of anyone who would like to put one in their yard, have a house you visit ask for a yard sign? We have yard signs for you! They will be delivered to you or to those you know of who want them. Contact Charlie at 530-275-3053. Lets blanket District 1 with yard signs

LARGE SIGN LOCATION IDEAS: If you see a busy intersection that is good for a large sign and know who owns the property, get this info to Dana~we need to get more large signs in the community!  






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