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Newsletter - January 16, 2024

Thanks to everyone for all you are doing to expose Kevin Crye's extremist agenda. Our rally at the Board of Supervisors meeting, our mini-rallies, pop-ups, canvassing, etc. are all making a huge difference in how our county folks are viewing the poor decisions made by Cyre, and his cronies, Jones, and Kelstrom. Their efforts to disassemble our county government will not succeed. Our efforts, with so many dedicated volunteers, are working to inform the populous of their nefarious schemes. The feedback we have been receiving during our canvassing and other activities is very positive. Many have shared they are anxious to vote. Our start to Phase 2 of the recall has been very encouraging, but we have lots of urgent work to do before mail-in ballots begin dropping on February 5th.



We began our GOTV campaign on the weekend of January 6 & 7.  Volunteers canvassed door-to-door and staffed tables at Grocery Outlet and Holiday Market.  After the great rally on Tuesday, January 9, before the Board of Supervisors Chambers that Cheryl McKinley and Cathy Reisfelt organized, we continued going door-to-door whenever the weather allowed and also set up a table at Raley’s last weekend.  In addition, Mike and Jenny have been organizing “Mini Rallies” at which at least 10 people gather at a prominent and busy intersection to wave Recall signs and banners and provide more visibility to our campaign.   All the Mini Rallies and the table set-ups are advertised on Sign-Up Genius so you can navigate to Sign-Up Genius on our website and sign-up for any of those activities.  We are also experimenting with using Sign-Up Genius for our canvassing efforts so look for opportunities to sign up for some door-to-door adventures there also.  We need to cover as much ground as possible before the ballots are mailed out on February 5 so if you can spare some days for canvassing please sign up or text Jeff Gorder at 530-356-5891 and let him know of your availability.


VOLUNTEERS - Cathy Reisfelt and Donna Leistinger

THE AMAZING RECALL KEVIN CRYE VOLUNTEER TEAM  If you are already involved or have not joined the team yet, there is always a way to help out.  Check the website ( daily, for ways you can make a difference, whether it be with your time or money.  And if you have a FB account, check daily, and share the constant flow of horrible decisions Crye continues to make.  He is a gift that keeps on giving.......Direct your inquiries to with your full name and phone number so we can make direct contact with you.  



Great news!  We have $3800 toward our $5000 match in just 4 days. Let’s finish this with up with a bang! Every dollar counts and we want YOU to be a part of the final push— $10 - $20- $50– any amount will bring us over the winning line.  Victory is so very close!


Keep your optimism high and your contributions coming!

We can do this!



YARD /SIGNS: Need a yard sign, know of anyone who would like to put one in their yard, have a house you visit ask for a yard sign? We have yard signs for you! They will be delivered to you or to those you know of who want them. You can pick up signs at our meeting this Wednesday or contact Charlie or Judy at 530-275-3053. Lets blanket District 1 with yard signs

LARGE SIGN LOCATION IDEAS:  If you see a busy intersection that is good for a large sign and know who owns the property, get this info to Dana~we need to get more large signs in the community!  

PLAY BUYOUT:  “SYLVIA” on Jan 24th is sold out!  In order to avoid a long, slow entry with everyone paying for their play tickets on the night of the play, bring your $$ Wed Jan 17th~A check for $30 x number of tickets made out to The Recall Committee or go to the website to donate if you prefer to use your credit card.  Remember to arrive early and enjoy a refreshment prior to the play.  This supports Axiom Theater who has graciously made this possible.

BIG THANK YOU FOR RALLY AT BOS: A huge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up in the rain to the recall rally in front of the BOS chambers!! We got a lot of media coverage and with so many dedicated people showing up. Stay tuned for other opportunities. We’ll keep you posted. Many thanks to Cheryl, Cathy, and Donna for putting this great event together.

BIG THANK YOU FOR THE MINI-RALLY: The Churn Creek & Cypress intersection was incredibly busy between 12-1. THANKS to Mike for setting up these mini-rallies and for all who participated.



Manner in which some Shasta County severance packages awarded is 'extraordinary'   Jeff Gorder

Recall Supporters Target Supervisor Cyre's Inaugural Day as Board Chair 

Connecticut billionaire, former Shasta County resident, makes large donation to local PAC







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