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Response to Crye's NOI Answer

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye Responds to Supervisor Crye’s Answer to the Notice of Intent (NOI) to Recall

In Supervisor Crye’s answer to the grounds for recall identified in our NOI, he stated: "I was elected Shasta County Supervisor fairly and freely." We agree. That is why it was so irresponsible of Supervisor Crye to put his name to the destruction of the very voting system that provided that free and fair election.

Rather than support the voting system that has proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective, Supervisor Crye instead chose to support an untested, extremely costly, and error-prone hand-count voting system promoted by a discredited pitchman.

Supervisor Crye also stated that the reason for the recall is just "a difference of opinion." That is false. It was Mr. Crye's actions that sparked the recall, not his opinions. He is gambling with our vote, is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on his unnecessary and impractical hand-count scheme and is destabilizing and dishonoring our community.

Mr. Crye also stated that his “conservative” views have nothing to do with our community’s continued and mounting concerns. The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye fully supports and values actual conservative Northstate values - fiscal conservancy, the rule of law, and responsible governance.

His repeated poor judgment and decisions are why the recall is warranted. Our community is prepared and intends to advocate to the governor for the kind of true conservative fit our county needs and deserves.

The non-partisan, newly formed Committee to Recall Kevin Crye will continue to focus on holding Supervisor Crye accountable for his actions including any future false statements and misrepresentations that he may make.

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Committee to Recall Kevin Crye

P.O. Box 991131

Redding, CA 96099

Committee Spokesman - Jeff Gorder email:

Committee Chairman – Tim Hill email:


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