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Hello Recall Supporters! The process to Recall Kevin Crye is moving along at a quick pace, and pending approval in the next couple weeks by the Registrar of Voters.
We'll be starting our petition drive in earnest. This week, there's a canvassing training session at Axiom Theater, 2613 Bechelli Ln, on Wednesday, May 3rd at 5:30pm.
We'll cover canvassing basics, with training on the mobile app for tracking progress in the field, practicing door-knocking and to refine messages and build confidence in our canvassing skills. If you plan to attend , please email us at so we can get you logged into our canvassing system. On Saturday, May 6th at 10am, there will be a training for Precinct Captains at 900 Locust Street, Redding.
We're still looking for more Precinct Captains. This is an important role that ensures the entire precinct is canvassed by volunteers. If you'd like to serve in this role, please send us an email at and get signed up! Also this week...another meeting of the Board of Supervisors at 9am on Tuesday May 2nd at the County Admin Building at 1450 Court Street, Redding.
Important agenda items include the "Last Best Final Offer" for the UPEC 792 General Bargaining Unit, and the possible appointment of a new Shasta County CEO. We're also looking for people, especially Republicans and Independents, to speak briefly to the Board (Looking at YOU, Kevin Crye) to simply say, "I'm a Republican or Independent, and I support the Recall of Kevin Crye." We want to demonstrate to Kevin Crye, and the community at large, that this recall is NOT partisan. We're ALL IN on bringing back stable government to Shasta County! Visit our website
Hit subscribe, and get details of how you can help in the recall effort. Thanks for volunteering and helping out in this important pursuit!
The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye Team

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